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Building Wing-Man

Some people have asked where the inspiration for “Wing-Man” came from…

Well…  The inspiration comes from the simple tradition of the clown in relation to modern times. Charlie Chaplin, of course, created the most well-known exploration of this juxtaposition in his classic film “Modern Times”. But the idea that the clown reflects what is happening in the world around us is not a new idea. What makes it new with each generation is whatever “new” happening in the world at that time.

I also wanted to challenge myself by creating a one-man show that would tell a story with no words. I began by assembling old routines that I have developed throughout my career to see what story presented itself to me.

I wanted the show to reflect what is happening in social media and the addiction that I, and so many others around me, seem to have to it. Why do we have this addiction? People want to connect and are looking for more ways to connect to each other. But I found it fascinating to explore – are people truly connecting through this medium?

Then I thought about why people go to the theater and how that is another way to connect. Live performance is different then going to the movies. In theater, there’s an indescribable connection between the performers and the audience and among the people in the audience with each other.

Is social media it’s own sort of theater for our time? In choosing what you post, you are your own director and writer and tell your story to your audience (of both friends and strangers). The story you want to tell, the one you want the outside world to see, is not always the full truth.

“Wing-Man” is my exploration of these ideas and how they connect through technology, humor, and interacting with both a live and virtual audience.


Building Wing-Man
Building Wing-Man
Building Wing-Man

Media Advisory: One clown’s journey to find love and identity in the Social Media age


Mark Gindick knows a thing or two about physical comedy. Having been called “…the next level of clowning” by Spectacle Magazine and being described as “…on par with greats like Buster Keaton and Bill Irwin,” Gindick brings Wing-Man, his unique “one clown show” that he created, wrote and stars in, to the New York City College of Technology (“City Tech”) in Brooklyn for four performances from March 26 – 29. Produced by Michael and Tina Bongar of Clown Cloud Productions and directed by West Hyler (Jersey Boys, Big Apple Circus’ Legendarium), Wing-Man is a hilariously engaging and heartwarming tale of one man’s attempt to harness the power of social media to find love – or at least a meaningful date – in the 21st Century. Tickets are on sale starting March 1.

Audiences will know they are in for something very different before the show even begins when they are encouraged to keep their smart phones on for the beginning of the show. That’s because the stage is transformed into one large video screen that becomes part of the production itself and is interactive with both the performer and the audience. Not a word is spoken throughout the 90-minute theatrical comedy. Instead, it is Gindick’s considerable comedic talents and interplay with the audience and the unique technology that brings this romantic romp through the internet to life.

Wing-Man, which won BEST ONE-MAN SHOW at the United Solo Theatre Festival, is a live, interactive and modern take on Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. While Chaplin’s classic film dealt with the struggle to survive in the rapidly evolving industrialized world of the 1930s, Gindick’s Wing-Man character must navigate the social pitfalls of a fast-paced world where “Likes,” tweets and texts often substitute for real interpersonal communication. With a ton of laughs and a trace of melancholy, Wing-Man confronts the demands of modern digital technology on our lives.

Wing-Man features a talented creative team including Choreographer Danny Mefford (Broadway’s The Bridges of Madison County, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson), Musical Director Matt Stine (Love’s Labours Lost, Here Lies Love) and Musical Director Justin Levine (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Here Lies Love, Murder Ballad). Projection Designer is Jason H. Thompson (Baby It’s You, Venice), Animator is Ryan Cushman (Lucasfilm, Edge of Tomorrow), Set Designer is Stephen Marsh (Pee Wee’s Big Top), Dramaturg is Anne Davison (Love’s Labours Lost, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson), Costume Designers are Mattie Ullrich (Il Due Foscari with Placido Domingo, The Pride) and Sylvianne Shurman (Blind Angels), and Lighting Designer is Susan Brandt (Production Manager, City Tech).

Mark Gindick is a graduate of the world famous Ringling Bros.’ Clown College and went on to perform in Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey before becoming a featured performer for several years with the Big Apple Circus. In addition to Chaplin, Gindick takes a page from the classic greats of physical comedy such as Harold Lloyd and the Marx Brothers, along with modern influences Bill Irwin, David Shiner and his own co-star in Big Apple Circus, Grandma the clown (Barry Lubin). Wing-Man is a uniquely modern production that adds its own lovable stamp on the genre of physical comedy.

See Wing-Man at the Voorhees Building of New York City College of Technology at 186 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY from March 26 – 29. Tickets are $20.00 for general admission, $10.00 for non-City Tech students, and free to City Tech students with valid school ID.

Tickets are available starting March 1 at www.wing-man.brownpapertickets.com
FRIDAY, MARCH 28 at 8:00 PM
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The New York City College of Technology (City Tech) residency program is a unique opportunity for professional artistic organizations to work with undergraduate Entertainment Technology students to realize production values and work with technology unavailable to these artists in most other venues. The Voorhees Theater will be an exciting new performance venue in Brooklyn for experimental collaboration between art and technology. Production support is provided by students and faculty of the College’s nationally unique Entertainment Technology Department. For information about studying Entertainment Technology at New York City College of Technology, contact Professor Susan Brandt, Production Manager, Theatreworks at 718-260-5595 or sbrandt@citytech.cuny.edu. You may also visit www.entertainmenttechnology.org


Cliff Kasden from The Queens Courier reviews Wing-Man

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Take ‘Wing Man’ at City Tech.  Yes, there’s a huge electronic screen onstage.  Yes, it boasts the latest in social networking’s bells and whistles.  But no, it’s just an old-fashioned story of a sad, lonely clown seeking happiness and love.  Mark Gindick’s solo performance is bright and clever.  He offers a charming glimpse into today’s limitless, yet somehow empty world of social media.  Without uttering a word, Gindick in his oversized glasses, tuxedo pants and red suspenders deadpans directly to the audience.”

Cliff Kasden from The Queens Courier reviews Wing-Man

Wing-Man New Website!

Hello everyone!

Wing-man has just launched a new website that is simply amazing! Check out our reviews, media and don’t forget to get our swag from the shop or donate to Wing-Man!

– Team

Watch two new interviews with Mark Gindick about Wing-Man


Come see Wing-Man’s new “Clown Cloud” at ‘City Tech’!


Wednesday–Saturday, March 26–29, 2013 8 p.m.

Wing-Man and The Next Little Big Thing Productions were chosen as a 2014 Resident Company of the New York City College of Technology, Entertainment Technology division.


We finished the first part of our front money fundraising campaign!
We finished the first part of our front money fundraising campaign!

Read about our campaign or watch highlights and what the cast of Avenue Q says about Mark Gindick and Wing-Man.


Adam Lubitow from The Rochester CITY paper reviews Wing-Man

Adam Lubitow from The Rochester CITY paper reviews Wing-Man


Thursday, September 26th at 9:30PM
Friday, September 27th at 7PM
Saturday, September 28th at 1:30PM & 7:30PM

“…Gindick is a gifted physical comedian, clearly influenced by the likes of Charlie Chaplin and the Marx Brothers. Like Chaplin, he performs without uttering a single spoken word (until the very end of the show). Also like Chaplin, Gindick’s humor comes with a hint of melancholy. But for the most part, the laughs in “Wing-Man” come fast and furious.” – Read More


Mark Gindick flew to Warsaw, Poland to perform with the largest Solo Theater Festival in the world.

Saturday, September 14th at 6:30PM
Saturday, September 14th at 6:30PM

“…But Saturday was full of surprises. The first performance was March Gindicka, the famous American comedian, who won the hearts of the audience in Warsaw without saying a word. Multimedia and interactive performance of “Wing-Man” is the story of a man looking for love. Actor uses facebook to show how the modern world, people come into contact and what are the difficulties. He keeps pulling to the stage the audience to have played given to them by the roles: the girl on a date at an amusement park and a psychoanalyst. Gindick with charm and warmth builds a story about loneliness and tireless willingness of … ” – Read a review of his performance at the festival here.


Dance Enthusiast Magazine

Dance Enthusiast Magazine

“Forget CABARET. From The Yard’s point of view, life is a vaudeville, good friend. And Mark Gindick proves the point in WING-MAN, a hilarious one-man show with not one live word spoken. It’s live but silent. It’s physical high comedy without the bad low jokes. On the face of it, Mark Gindick – physical comedian and 21st Century professional circus and stage clown – shows us his courageous quest for love and hot dates via the latest social media. In the artist’s words it’s simply a question Quixote could have posed to his own wing-man Sancho Panza, “How do I speak less and lust more?” – Read More at Dance Enthusiast Magazine.